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What was your first job in the realty industry? My first job in the industry was as a part-time agent in a small, family-owned brokerage.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Minnesota, so Chicago winters don’t bother me one bit. I go by the mantra “Cold hands, warm heart.”

Growing up, what did you want to be? Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher because that’s what my mom was. I liked the creativity of decorating the boards in the classroom. In high school, I wanted to work in advertising.

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Chicago Real Estate News: Spring Market Trends

<h2> Chicago Real Estate News: Spring Market Trends </h2>

Along with more hours of sunlight and — did we just hear a bird chirping? — you know it’s spring in the Midwest when the real estate market starts to pick up after the long freeze of winter.

According to Kristine Menas, a broker with Dream Town in Chicago, she expects this spring and summer in the city to mirror the competitive levels of the past few years, with multiple offers and pre-market sales continuing at a healthy clip.

“People who have been waiting for their value to appreciate since the downturn are selling,” she says, particularly in desirable neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, where prices have exceeded pre-2008 levels. Low inventory plus low interest rates means the city’s a seller’s market.

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Three things to do before buying a home

<h2>Three things to do before buying a home</h2>

I recently met with a rental client who asked, “What should I do to prepare to buy in the next year?” It’s a great question and of course I love that she’s a planner like me. The best part of my job is sharing my knowledge, especially with first-time buyers.

If you’re currently renting and are thinking of taking the plunge in the next year (or sooner), there a three things you must do before you buy a home to put yourself in the best position. If you wait until you start looking at homes or begin pre-qualification, you may wish you had taken care of things sooner!

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7 Reasons to Live in a Historic Home

<h2>7 Reasons to Live in a Historic Home</h2>

Your home doesn’t have to be built by Frank Lloyd Wright to get the benefits of owning a historic home. Many home owners don’t even know that they live in a historic district or home. You’d be surprised just how many districts are designated National Register of Historic Places and Landmarks in Chicago.

As a real estate broker with education and background in historic preservation, I’ve found that most agents and clients don’t fully understand what it means to buy, sell, or invest in historic properties. Most, in fact, don’t even understand the different levels of historic designation.

So what are the benefits of owning a historic home?

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